Nov. 12, 2014


A woman walked into my crisis pregnancy center in Pensacola several years ago thinking that we were the abortion clinic .  Many girls  came to our center thinking the same thing since we were located directly behind the killing center.  She was only there a few minutes when I realized that she was seeking an abortion, so I began to talk to her about her circumstances, and I tried to help her to understand that the word “pregnant” many times seems terrifying to women, but the word “baby” is a beautiful picture of life.

“Oh! I know who you are!  You’re Penny Lea!  You led the big march here in Pensacola!  Many people from my church were there and marched with you! Oh! I have always admired you!”  Her words stunned me!

She was looking for the abortionist to kill her baby, but she admired me.  She continued on.

“ I am a born again believer, but I have had two abortions, and this will be my third.  God knows we all make mistakes, and I just can’t have kids right now.  He loves me and He has to forgive me”

I sat there in shock!  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  I felt my blood begin to boil, so I took a deep breath and silently prayed.

“You are telling me that you have had two of your children killed, and you are going to kill this one,and you are born again?  You’re telling me that God HAS to forgive you?  Let me tell you that God doesn’t have to do anything!  He is not your genie; He is the Lord God Almighty!  I don’t know where you go to church, but something is really messed up in your mind!

“It is easier to ask for forgiveness that to ask for permission,” she casually said.  “I know that no matter what I do He will forgive me.”

“You are playing a very dangerous game that you will most definitely lose.  You obviously know nothing about God, and such a distorted view will certainly led to death!  You don’t trample under feet the precious blood of Jesus, and come out singing Amazing Grace!  Have you ever considered the terrible death He died; the sacrifice that He paid for our sins?  You are mocking that great sacrifice!”

“Well, I hate it, bit I just can’t have a baby right now.  I really do think you are a great lady, but I have an appointment that I have to keep.” With that she walked out and headed to the abortion mill.

How can anyone have such a distorted view of God?  I have come to understand that she was not alone in her thinking.  Many sins are committed by people who think just like her.  Many have this big daddy image of God, and they want to cuddle up on His lap,

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