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Oct. 21, 2014

Break Through The Enemy Lines     PART 2

I was staying with my friend, Joy Wills, while I was in Nashville. I woke up early the morning after I arrived, and I heard that still small voice that I have come to know say to me, “Come away with me.”  I quickly got dressed and headed out the door.  I walked down the beautiful old country road, and I was in awe of the brilliant wild flowers growing on the side of the road. I saw a church ahead of me, and it brought back memories of my childhood.  We had attended a little church that looked very similar in Robbinsdale, Minnesota when I was very small. I was surprised that such distant memories flooded my mind.    I walked to the back yard of the church into the cemetery.  I was amazed at how many children were buried there. Then I tripped over something.

It was a very small grave stone with one word engraved on it.  The word was BABY.


I knelt beside the stone and began to cry.  “Who buried their baby without giving him a name?” I asked the Lord. Suddenly, I heard the sound of screaming children from a distance. The sounds came closer and closer, and I finally stopped up my ears. It was overwhelming!  “ Who are they?” I cried.  “Where are they?”  I was so overwhelmed that I got up and ran from that place.  I couldn’t escape those horrible cries!  I looked back at the little stone, and I literally felt a hand grab my shoulder.  “Don’t run from this!  I am putting a new anointing on your life, on your music, and on your ministry.  Mark this day, June 7, 1982.  You will never be the same.”

I had no idea what had just happened!  A friend was coming down the road in her car, and I never even saw her coming!  She stopped and said, “ Penny!  I know you have been with Jesus!  I saw you coming down the road, and I swear it looked like your feet weren’t even touching the ground!”  I just looked at her and walked away shaking my head.

I walked right past Joy when I got back to her house.  She just stood there as I passed by, hardly noticing her. I fell across the bed and wept. “Who are they?” I kept crying out to Jesus hoping for an answer.   Finally, I felt impressed to pick up my notebook.  Within minutes, I wrote what now is a song entitled, Little Baby No Name. You can listen to it on my website.  I still had no idea what was happening to me.  I had lost two children in miscarriage, and I knew that these words gave me comfort and would bring comfort to women who had experienced such a painful loss.  A few years later I named my babies.  One is named Bethany, and the other is named Josiah.  They are waiting for me in heaven.   Little did I know how many women I would minister to down the road that had lost their babies, but the majority of the women that would need help and healing would tell me that their children did not die because of miscarriage.  No, there was something very dark and deadly that I knew nothing about on June 7, 1982, but I was about to be awakened to a gruesome reality by God Himself.  It was time to put my armor on!   I would need it desperately!  There was an intense battle ahead!  Do you have your armor on? You will need it!

To be continued…  on www.pennylea.org