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Oct.14, 2014

Break Through The Enemy Lines!

Back in the Spring of 1982 I had a very vivid dream.  I was running like in a marathon, but I was alone.  There were people watching me from the side lines, and they were cheering me on.  More and more people began to gather on the streets, and I heard many cheering and saying, “Go Penny!  Run!  We love you, Penny Lea!”  I had no idea why I was running, but I kept a steady pace and kept going.  

After a while, people came off the sidelines and began to run behind me.  I heard their feet on the pavement but I never looked at how many were running with me. Soon it sounded like an army of people were running with me, but I just kept my eyes ahead and kept going.  

I came to a large arched bridge that spanned over a bay, or some large body of water. I was very tired, but I knew that I had to cross that bridge!  As I started the difficult up hill run I saw men dressed in black uniforms lined across the bridge. They had what appeared to be automatic weapons in their hands.  They looked like a type of swat team.   I had a terrible feeling as I approached them, but I knew that I couldn’t stop!  Then I heard one of them shout, ”Stop, Penny Lea, or we’ll open fire!”  They all drew their weapons and pointed them at me. I was in shock!  I was a housewife and mother.  Why would anyone want to kill me?  

I started to look back to see who was running with me.  I thought if there was enough of us that some might make it through even if they got me and others behind me.  I started to look back, and I heard a stern voice say, “Don’t look back!  Break through the enemy lines!”  I didn’t understand who they were!  I didn’t understand why I was even there!  I felt a sudden surge of energy, and I began to run with all my might towards those armed ominous people. All fear left me! I charged forward towards them.  They lifted their weapons and pointed them at me. “Stop!” they yelled.  With that I woke up.

I was shaking all over.  It was all so real.  “Lord, what was that?” I said aloud.  “I am a housewife and a mom.  Who would ever want to kill me?  Why was I running?  What kind of a race was it?  What was over that bridge?”  My questions were firing up to heaven.  I went out and bought running shoes that afternoon, and I began to run every morning.  I didn’t know what else to do. It was a time for me and the Lord to be together, but none of the running made sense to me. “Why on earth am I doing this?” I asked God as I wiped the sweat from my face one morning in May.

In June I found myself in Nashville, TN.  I was there to discuss a music project with my friend and producer, Larry McCoy.  Little did I know when I boarded that plane from Minneapolis to Nashville that my life would change forever on that trip. The race was about to begi

n!  The running shoes back home would not be the proper attire for this marathon! I would needed a different type of shoes!

To be continued…..