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Oct. 08, 2014

Our nation has been in shock as we have watched news of beheadings in Iraq.   Brutally killing and dismembering children?  What kind of barbarians do such things?  My heart was racing as I breathlessly watched the news of such terrorism.  I have cried out to the Lord in despair on behalf of these poor people running for their lives from these demons of destruction. "What can we do?" has been my constant cry.  I have given money to the ministries that are there helping those who have been able to escape, but for the thousands that have died there is nothing to do but cry.

On September 25th a horrible act of terrorism happened in our own country.  A Muslim convert stabbed a poor woman over and over and beheaded her.

Nothing like this has ever happened on American soil, yet the White House and friends have played it down and call it "workplace violence."  How much more will we take?  How do we sit back and watch this and do nothing?  We are going to see terrible things happening in this country, and we have no patriots in our government that will stop this run away train!  Is it possible that our only hope is turning back to God?  2 Chronicles 7:14 says," If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land."  We are at a time where we had better do more than quote this scripture.  We are desperately in need of doing what it says.  There was about two or three weeks of a "turning to God" after 911, and then we were right back to our way of life.  We cannot continue on the path we are on much longer without paying a terrible price.  

The sin that finally took Israel down in 586 BC was the pagan practice of sacrificing their own children on the altars of molech and other false gods.  Such abominations are hard to comprehend!  What happened to this nation that was so favored by God that they would turn so far from Him and murder their own sons and daughters? They forsook His standards and adhered to the practices of pagans. They were destroyed as a nation.

In 1973 America became like pagan Israel of old.  We started to murder our own children through abortion.  We slaughter our children on the altars of convenience and choice.  We behead and dismember them and throw their little mangled bodies out as trash. This killing has continued every day for 41 years!  We murder over 4,000 a day, well over a million children a year, and as of this year in 2014, we are responsible for the slaughter of over 56 million children!  What kind of people do something something so deplorable and expect not to pay a great price?  

America was founded on Godly principles.  Our foundations were built on the Scriptures.  Prayer was a part of who we are as a people, but now those foundations have crumbled, and we fear an enemy coming to our beautiful nation to destroy us!  We are the enemy!  We have brought calamity on ourselves, and we will see soon enough that there is no where to turn except to God.  The question is this, will it be too late?  Only God knows.  The Church, like the Israel, has been silent.  If that silence is not broken we will see the hand of judgement on our land.  If we love our nation, our children, and our grandchildren we will fall on our knees before our Lord and repent for our own sins and for the sins of our nation.  We will fight in every way possible to stop the child sacrifice! We will do everything possible to bring America back to His standards and rebuild the walls that are in ruins.  Time is not on our side.  Too many years have passed, and the terrorism continues.  The  Lord cries out, " Who will rise up against the wicked? Who will take a stand for me against the evil doers?" ( Psalms 94: 16)   Will you?  Our future as a nation depends on it!  We must stop the terrorism in America!