Aug. 21, 2015


So we all know the frog story. If you put a frog in a boiling pot of water he will quickly jump out, but if you put him in a cool pot and gradually turn up the heat, he will cook to death and never know what hit him. This is called gradualism. So much has hit America just in the past few years, and actually in the past few months, that many have been overwhelmed. Seeing our White House lit up in rainbow colors sent me over the edge! I believe that was America's "ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION." Obama basked in that moment as Christians cringed!

Now the videos of Planned Parenthood have surfaced and again America is stunned. Many are speaking up, but how will we shut them down? Just posting on FB is hardly going to do it. We have accepted all of these horrible changes over the years as he "new normal," We let off a little steam, and then just go back to our everyday lives as though nothing more will happen, but the dominos are falling very quickly!

In the middle of all this madness we need those who will bear the cross of Jesus! We need those who will live out their faith, and in this "soft gospel"age, that is a tall order. We as a Church have chosen "another gospel." We need to open up our Bibles once again, and we need to take that Word seriously! We need to live it! They will be taking down the crosses on our churches before long as they are in China. The Bible will be called a" hate message," and we will either relent or be sued, or much worse. So, again I ask, "Who will rise up against the wicked?" Press on, and carry your the cross of Christ. He is our hope and our glory! A storm is quickly approaching, but He is the one who sill commands, "Peace! Be still!"


Penny Lea