Jun. 06, 2015

Does God Know YOUR name?

Tomorrow is June 7th, 2015. Thirty-three years ago on that day I was in Nashville preparing to do an album. I was staying with my dear friends, Joy and Roger, in Cross Plains, just outside of Nashville. I woke up early that morning, and I heard a voice gently speak to me saying, " Penny, Come away with me." I had come to know that voice. I quickly got dressed and headed out the door.

I walked that country road and took notice to the wild flowers growing there. They were vibrant! I had never noticed such intense color before.

They were different somehow. I came to the end of the road and there stood a little church. I walked to the church yard, and memories of my own childhood swept across my mind. I shook my head in wonderment at those memories of so long ago! Then I walked behind the little church, and there was the cemetery.

I was amazed at how many children were buried there. Many of the stones were a hundred years old. "What happened that all these little ones died?" I whispered. Then I tripped over something. It was a small gravestone with one word written on it; it said, "Baby." I knelt down and stroked the stone. Tears welled up and spilled from my eyes. "Who put this baby here and didn't even give the child a name? Was this little one"s life that insignificant?" I felt heartbroken. From a distance I heard cries of children. It startled me! The cries came closer and closer, and they sounded like screams of torture! It was so terrible that I put my hands over my ears and cried out, "Who are these children? Where are they? Whose torturing them?" Suddenly it was as though they were circling me, and I got up and ran from that place!

I glanced back at the little stone, and I felt a hand on my right shoulder, and a voice said, "Penny! Don't run from this! I am putting a new anointing on your life, your music, and your ministry! Mark this day, June 7th, 1982. You will never be the same." When I walked into Joy's house she watched me walk through her kitchen. "You've been with Jesus," she said as I just passed by her, still stunned.

It took several weeks before God revealed to me who the screaming children were. I thought maybe they were in Calcutta with Mother Theresa, or some far off place. I begged God to show me. He did indeed show me in the middle of the night a couple of weeks later. He led me to a brochure that I had shoved in a drawer a few years before; one I had never read. It was called "Life and Death." There were hideous pictures of aborted children that sickened me, and on the back cover there was a trash can full of children! "I found the children," I told my husband as I woke him in the middle of the night. "Where are they?" He asked, trying to wake up. "They are here in the USA! My God! We're killing babies!" I sobbed uncontrollably.

Thirty -three years later I'm sitting her behind my computer feeling His sorrow still. I was called on June 7th, 1982 to be His voice for the children. The slaughter continues, but we press on. My life was changed radically many years ago. I am not the same person I was prior to that day. I will never be the same. He called my name, and He changed my destiny that day. It seems like yesterday, and yet it seems like a lifetime!

Listen! He will call your name as well because He is calling forth His bride. We are a nation in distress. We brutally kill our children, and we have adopted the practices of pagans. We call evil good, and good evil! We cannot survive as a nation under the mighty breath of a righteous God! who will rescue those being led away to death? Who will hear His voice and follow Him today? He is a mighty God, filled with grace and compassion. "If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts!" He knows your name!


Penny Lea