Apr 08, 2015

"Its Not for Us to Judge?"

How many times do you hear Christians defend sinful lifestyles by saying, "Its not for us to judge?" This is the buzz line that many have accepted by taking no stand at all on God's Word. It is called "tolerance." Christians have been sucked into the world's lack of standards, and many basically

sit by and mimic the liberal chants. That is why we have had 42 years of abortion, and that is why people see the Church as spineless and weak.

We can and must judge what God calls sin! Killing children is sin! Sex outside of marriage is sin! Lying and cheating is sin! Stealing is sin! The homosexual life-

style is sin! To cower from the truths of the Bible and refuse to stand for His word is sin!  We judge right and wrong every day of our lives. It should be a part of our choice for godly living as followers of Christ. We must judge our own thoughts and actions daily. We base our judgements on God's Word, and that alone. We love people, and we show that love by sharing God's truth. Christians have taken Matthew 7:1 totally out of context. All we hear is "Judge not!" It has become a cop out to keep believers from standing against sin. John 7: 24 tells us not to judge according to appearance, but to judge with righteous judgement. We judge according to His word, and His Word never changes.

Modern day preachers have declared that the ancient scriptures are not relevant in a modern day world. I say Ichabod! The Spirit of the Lord has departed from them! The Church has been like the frog that was placed in the cool pan of water, but the heat was turned up slowly, and the frog never knew that he was being cooked to death! We have gradually believed a lie! We have lost our saltiness in a stale and tasteless world! The lights are going out all around us as the Church has embraced darkness by refusing to be the Light!

Wake up! Stand up! Speak up!

Penny Lea

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