Mar.19, 2015

 Pray For The Persecuted!

I recently spent a weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at a seminar that I was invited to speak at. I was very moved by three women that I met there from the Middle East.  All of these women have relatives that have been abducted and murdered by Militant muslims. Isis recently kidnapped seven relatives of one of the ladies I spoke with. Their stories were horrifying!  Julianna, one of the women who spoke about the unbelievable torture that her people have been going through for years in Iran and Iraq, as well as many other areas of then Middle East broke all of our hearts. 

The media for years has blocked the truth about the gruesome genocide that has been happening to hundreds of thousands of Christians. She gave several dates of massacres going back many years, and no one in the room was aware of any of it. Day after day and year after year people are driven out of their homes, robbed, beaten, and brutally murdered because they are Christians.  Yet, no one until recently has talked about it. Even now, we know very little of what is really happening. The media has blocked the truth!

During the Nazi holocaust the world stood silent as well.  Many did not understand what was really happening, but many did know, and they turned their backs.  The church sang a little louder to drown out the cries of the suffering Jews, but God heard their cries, and he saw the apathy of those who called themselves Christians. Many later suffered from terrible guilt for years like the old man I wrote about in my story, “Sing A Little Louder.”  Knowing that millions died and the world turned their back was a disgrace to mankind.  There is a sign over Dachau, the death camp, that reads “Never Again!” but it has been happening over and over again, but who will rise up?  We have our own holocaust here in America as 57 million children have been butchered by abortion, and the Church at large has been silent there as well. That child sacrifice has brought judgement on our nation. We are falling apart.  We have corrupt leadership, and we are in awe at how fast the nation that we love is slipping into the abyss. What shall we do? Can we be spared?

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