Nov. 22, 2014

 A Great Thanksgiving! A Beautiful Life!

Over 24 years ago a young woman walked into our pregnancy center in Pensacola after I had left.  My friend, Diane, was getting ready to close when as she walked in.  She was in her second trimester, and she was scheduled to abort her baby in Mobile.  I really don’t know why she came to our center. I don’t think she knew either.  It was God who led her there.   I think she thought we were an abortion mill, and she wanted someone to encourage her in her decision.

Diane called me frantic.  I was almost to my home on the beach over 40 minutes from the center.  “You have to get back here!” she cried into the phone.  “I have a young woman watching the film in the counseling room who is planning on killing her baby!  She is in her second trimester, and she is planning on going to Mobile to have it done.  You must talk to her.  I know that God wants you to intervene for this little baby! I will try to keep her here.”  With that she  hung up.

I turned my car around and called my husband.  “ I have an emergency at the center,” I said.  “I have to go back.  Will you make sure everyone has dinner?”

 “No problem,” Harry said. I prayed all the way back that Diane could detain her.

I walked in the center, and Diane was in the counseling room with a pretty young woman in her mid twenties.  I sat down and introduced myself, and I asked her what her plans were.  She said, “ I don’t like kids, and I never plan on having them.”

“You are having a baby,”  I said, as I reached out and touched her hand.  The question is will the baby come out alive and healthy, or will the baby come out dead and in pieces.” Her eyes met mine in a steady stare.

“What about the baby’s father?” I asked.  “He is a good friend, but he doesn’t know about any of this.  We would never be together as a couple,  He will never know about any of this.”

“He is the baby’s father.  He has a right to know!” I pleaded.

“No!” she said.  She looked as though she was getting ready to leave.

“You have carried this baby for 5 months.  All this little one needs is a few more months to grow. Your baby has every organ functioning; He or she even has dreams, and sucks her thumb.  I am begging you to reconsider this terrible plan.

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