Nov. 22, 2014

  We walked around the store and she said, “I hear you saved my life.”

Her words took my breath away!  Tears welled up on her eyes and mine.  “Who told you that?”  I said, still in shock.

It turns out that a very dear young man in my life had told her the whole story after an intense discussion they had about abortion.

“He wanted me to know, and I am so glad that he told me,” she said.  “Is it true?” she asked again.

“ Yes, it is true. God has always had a plan for your life.”  I told her as much as I could that day, and I can’t begin to explain the feelings that were rising up in me.  I was standing there with a young woman that I had begged God to save over 20 years before.  She was hearing the truth, and it was a hard truth, but she was realizing how incredibly important her life is to God.  That  truth will never leave her as long as she lives.  She was saved by His mighty hand for a purpose.  She told me just a couple of weeks ago, “I know that my  birth mother was wanting to abort me, but I was saved for a reason.  That makes me feel like I am special somehow.  It keeps me going.”  How true that is!

“Your mother was not a bad person.  She was desperate and confused, but she gave you life!  I talked with her several times after you were born, and she cried many tears.  She realized after seeing you that she did love you, and the beautiful choice she made will always be a part of her. You both came out winners.”

I have a feeling that this precious young woman has not yet discovered what a powerful part she can play in this war on children.  Her testimony could save so many.  Please pray that she will give her life totally to the Savior that rescued her 24 years ago, and that she will be a force against the demons of hell that have taken the lives of almost 57 million children.  This story isn’t finished yet!  I know there is much to come!  Never give up!  There is a beautiful young woman who will sit around our table this Thanksgiving that the enemy tried to kill.  She was snatched away from the holocaust, and God smiles as He continues to lead her down the path that he had planned for her before she was born.  She can say with so many others, “Though my mother and father forsake me, my God will lift me up.” ( Psalm 69:8)   I am thrilled to be a part of His plan, and I rejoice every time I see her knowing that Jesus Christ is Lord!

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