Nov. 22, 2014

.  Your baby will suffer a horrifying death that we wouldn’t want any animal to suffer. Please let us help you!  I have a list of many people wanting to adopt.  I can put you in touch with someone immediately that will give your baby a beautiful life.”

The conversation went on for a long time.  She was pretty cold and defiant, but Diane and I were praying with everything in us.  “Please God!  Help me find the words to save this child,”  I cried out silently as she spoke to me.  I showed her picture after picture of what her baby looked like at this point of her pregnancy. “Everything about your baby was determined at conception;

how tall she or he will be ; the color of her eyes and hair, her personality, and her destiny that was given to her by God even before she was conceived!”  “ Before I formed you in the womb I knew you ; before you were born I set you apart.”  ( Jer 1:5)  

“This is your son or daughter;  Just give the baby the time he or she needs to finish growing.  That’s all I am asking of you!  We will will help you as much as you need our help. I can introduce you tomorrow to a couple that will take your baby and love this baby as their own.”

I began to tell her about a young couple that I knew who could not have children of their own.  “I have known them for a long time.  They will make great parents.  This child could be an answer to their many prayers.  Please meet them!” I begged.  

“Tomorrow?” She asked, to my shock and delight.


“Yes, tomorrow!”  I said, praising God under my breath.

I set up the meeting that evening after she left.  I told this couple that she may never show up, so not to get too excited, but we all prayed.  To our delight, she did show up!  They became friends with this girl  A few months later a beautiful little girl was born and placed into the arms of this young couple.

I have watched this child grow up.  She never had any idea of my part in her life.  Her parents told her that she was adopted, but that was it.  That was just fine with me, but every time  I saw her I was always reminded that she was snatched out of the fire.  I prayed for God to get a hold of her life.  When she became a rebellious teen I wanted to sit down with her and tell her that God had an amazing plan for her life, and that while millions had died in this abortion war, she had survived, but I couldn’t say a thing. I prayed.

A couple of years ago I was at a pet store doing an adoption. ( I rescue animals as well!)  She walked in to the store and volunteered to help.  I hugged her and gave her a leash.  After about a half hour she said, “Can I talk with you for a few minutes?”

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